The History

Bader Hassoun’s Family and Khan Al Saboun team proudly maintain its heritage and expertise in this field for more than 600 years, as this family’s success began in 1480 and was maintained and inherited from generation to generation. Bader Hassoun’s family and the history of soap making in its various forms from aromatic and therapeutic soaps to essential oils, creams, and skin care products, all made naturally.


Quality Assurance 
Khan Al Saboun has developed the quality of soap industry through its advanced laboratories and the hard work of its highly dedicated experts. It succeeded in producing the finest soaps, creams, shampoos, and cosmetic products while preserving the quality of each.
At the laboratories, experts work on:
– Testing before manufacturing to ensure product quality
– Analyzing of raw material in order to extract the finest products
– Analyzing of products to match international standards
– Running research to improve product quality.
Khan Al Saboun employs the latest methods in producing soaps, oils, and spa products in its
20,000 meter square factory, which is able to produce more than 10,000 soaps with different
aromas daily. The whole process of production occurs inside the Khan Al Saboun factory under the supervision of highly qualified experts ensuring the production of eco-friendly products.
Khan Al Saboun has received recognition locally and internationally and aspires to Exceed international quality control standards.